In order to best serve our clients, we offer a full and comprehensive array of services. From the initial design and development process through production and to shipping product to the final destination, allow us to take your project from start to finish.


Navigating through the complex world of Chinese manufacturing and global logistics can be a daunting task. Our 25 years of unique and comprehensive experience in these areas has proven to be vital to the success of our clients. Our experienced personnel in the US and China provide hands-on expertise in product design, logistics, US Customs policies and procedures and a host of other topics related to the importation of product from Asia.


Our fully staffed team of designers and engineers transforms careful observation into meaningful products. By having a clear understanding of the issues at hand the design process moves faster and with greater confidence. We specialize in turning complex problems into manageable solutions. Seamless communication between our integrated teams in the US and China helps foster products to market faster. With our teams working closely together the end result is higher quality, better performance, and reduced cost for our customer.


We have developed manufacturing partners in China that specialize in rapid prototype services for a wide variety of products. Our fully staffed engineering team in China has in-depth knowledge of the technology and work closely with our manufacturing partners to turn your concepts into reality. In Seattle our teams are also fully equiped with rapid prototyping software and equipment to produce your scale models and prototypes.


A successful project requires a detailed plan describing both the physical product and the business case behind the product. Strong leadership throughout the design cycle is critical to ensure that projects are on-time, on-budget and on-scope. We have over 25 years of a proven track record in project management. Our staff of bi-lingual project managers understand product requirements and how these requirements are best produced within Chinese manufacturing processes and protocols. Let our talented staff take you from the design concept, through prototype development and into production.

• Product specifications/requirements
• Project data management
• Manufacturing Interface
• Regulatory compliance
• Milestone monitoring
• Scope management
• Risk analysis and management
• Costed BOM
• Communications management
• Manufacturing Liaison
• Transition to production management
• Supplier management
• Issue resolution
• Budget management
• Team Management


With over 22 years experience of shipping product to and from China, we have acquired an invaluable amount of knowledge in what it takes to successfully delivery our customers product to its final destination. Our teams in the US and China work closely together with Chinese Customs and US Customs, the Port Authorities as well as global oceanic and air freight services to ensure that your product is delivered on time to its final destination.


Hong Kong, Mainland China and Seattle based warehouse facilities and distribution centers provide an invaluable service for our clients. In addition to our in-house distribution centers, we have a longstanding relationship with large global distributors such as Tech Data Worldwide and Synnex Corporation.


The D.A. graphics and printing department can help you find unique customized solutions at a great price. We understand that your success is directly related to your customer's satisfaction - and that this comes from promotions that work. If you are an ASI distributors we'll work closely with you to create, develop and deliver unique products that are new, innovative and fun. Moreover, we deliver in the fastest possible turnaround times and at a price that delights. We are committed to customer service, reliability and fast service.